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Bioenergy Infrastructure Group (BIG) is a leading provider in the UK’s biomass and waste to energy sectors, having established a portfolio of assets including Energy Works (Hull), Ince Bio Power, Mersey Bio Energy, Evermore Renewable Energy, Levenseat Renewable Energy, Hoddesdon Energy and Birmingham Bio Power.


Their aim is to make a significant contribution to the development of the UK’s low-carbon economy by diverting over 1 million tonnes per annum of waste from landfill and generating enough electricity for around 250,000 homes in the UK.


Adopting a long-term approach and targeting mid-scale facilities in various stages of the project lifecycle, BIG has established a market-leading position by leveraging their experience and speed of decision-making to achieve the level of portfolio scale, diversification and synergies required to build a sustainable bioenergy business.


In pursuing these aims BIG sought to engage with a sustainability partner to assist in the development of their health and safety management system to ISO45001 standards and their own specialist electrical safety rules.


Gauged Solutions are delighted to have been recognised and recommended as experts within these fields and have been working in partnership with BIG since October 2019.   



An initial report by Gauged Solutions, followed by an Introduction to ISO45001 training course, was delivered to the executive team in Q1 2020 and has been the catalyst for the development of a new health and safety management system across the organisation.


A subsequent visit to Ince in Q3 and additional planned audit visits due in Q4, benchmarking BIG’s operating sites against both ISO45001 and leading industry standards, will enable BIG to take their next step towards ISO45001 accreditation.


Electrical Safety Rules


Safety Rules form the cornerstone of safe systems of working in power generation type environments. Safety Rules help derive solutions and control measures for working on interconnected pieces of electrical and mechanical assets that are used either on their own or together to generate, transmit or distribute electricity.


BIG recognised the importance of having a comprehensive and consistent suite of Safety Rules in operation throughout their group, for existing as well as future installations, and that their key personnel, including Senior Authorised Persons, possessed the relevant competencies and technical skills to perform their essential roles.


Our roles at Gauged Solutions have included:-


  • Drafting, developing and supporting the delivery and ongoing development of the Safety Rules and supporting procedures
  • Delivering Safety Rules familiarisation workshops
  • Mentoring and supporting the development of candidates for key roles
  • Consulting upon and supporting the delivery of the project through effective management of change
  • Acting as Authorising Engineer
  • Chairing/supporting the Authorisation Panel process for the appointment of key roles across the organisation

We look forward to continuing our partnership with BIG as they continue to increase their portfolio of operations into 2021 and beyond.


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