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Gauged Solutions have been commissioned by a number of clients who work in the power generation and transmission sector, to support their business operations with technical and process safety engineering consulting work.

Blue Chip clients including National Grid, Intergen, FCC Environment, Suez, Amey, Babcock have all sought support from Gauged Solutions technical team of expert engineers to provide support and advice on High Voltage and Low Voltage electrical and mechanical interconnected systems.


Safety Rules form the cornerstone of safe systems of working in power generation type environments. Safety Rules help derive solutions and control measures for working on interconnected pieces of electrical and mechanical assets that are used either on their own or together to generate, transmit or distribute electricity.

Gauged Solutions have supported several clients in the power generation industrial sector to perform audits and, where required, a gap analysis on their Safety Rules and associated procedure, and critically evaluate any shortcomings.


Often, a technical or competent authority is required in these sectors. This role can be enacted by an individual or a company with sufficient knowledge to assess, design, train and authorise procedures and people to a level of safety, where working with their respective safety rules becomes a formalised process.

This role, often referred to as an Authorising Engineer is a role that Gauged Solutions provide to clients and where we have conducted a number of projects to deliver a myriad of services relating to company Safety Rules including development of procedures, deliver of training courses and form part of an authorising body on interview panels. Formalised interview panels assess the competence of individuals who will be performing specific roles in accordance with the safety rules.

The role of Authorising Engineer is a highly specialised one and Gauged Solutions continue to be engaged on a number of technical consultancy projects in this regard, supporting many of our clients both in the UK and Internationally.

Case Studies

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