Interim Health, Safety And Environmental Professionals & Seconded Expertise

Ensuring that an organisation has access to competent risk management advice is sound business practice. Competency is required within all aspects of a business: financial advice, human resources, communications (internal & external) to provide for long-term sustainability and management of risks. Health, safety and environmental management is no different – in fact, in many areas, it is an explicit legal requirement.

Some companies are able to access competent advice and management "in-house"; other companies need assistance "as and when required" e.g. in the event of enforcement action by a regulatory body e.g. HSE or Environment Agency; and some companies need short-term health, safety & environmental cover following an illness or the departure of a member of their team.

Whatever the need and however it has arisen Gauged Solutions can help.

We are able to provide interim advice or seconded resources to organisations to replace or supplement existing arrangements for both short and longer-term durations, whether "on-the-ground" e.g. safety advisors or at corporate level e.g. managers/heads of department, with experts who are as comfortable working at the shopfloor and/or at board level.

Please contact us so that we can assist in finding a "gauged" solution to your needs.


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