Independent Services Provision including Accident Investigation and Expert Witness

Determining the immediate, underlying and root causes of undesired events, be it an accident, incident or a high-potential near miss, is critical to not only ensuring the wellbeing of an organisation’s workforce but also to an organisation’s bottom line.

At a time when prosecutions of companies and Directors are on the increase, with significant fines for breaches of health and safety based on culpability (degree of fault) and the potential for harm (and not the actual harm), the need for identifying the underlying and root causes of events to prevent a reoccurrence and/or address any shortfalls has arguably never been greater.

An effective investigation can also help defend or reduce the potential effects of criminal prosecutions and/or civil claims for compensation as well as protect against increased insurance premiums, low morale amongst staff and contractors, unwanted charges from enforcing authorities as well as reputational damage to the business and shareholder value.

At Gauged Solutions  we have a wealth of experience in conducting accident investigations and helping our clients understand the underlying and root conditions that have led to the unsafe act or condition resulting in an undesired event and can help deliver or support such investigations as well as provide analysis and feedback to the Executive Team/Board of Directors.

We can also act as "Expert Witnesses" at court, by providing detailed reports on events/processes/systems and serving as an independent and objective party, particularly in relation to human behaviour and High Voltage Electrical Engineering and associated safe systems of work.


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