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In 2018 Gauged Solutions were engaged to perform an audit to assess the suitability and sufficiency of the health, safety and environmental arrangements put in place by the Principal Contractor under Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015, so to ensure the safe dismantling of Milford Haven refinery.

The audit was commissioned by Puma Energy, the Client, under CDM 2015 and included:

  • A review of the Construction Phase Plan (CPP) and associated documentation;
  • The application of the CPP and associated documented arrangements in practice to maintain effective communication and co-ordination between the relevant duty holders and stakeholders to ensure a safe working environment; and
  • Confirmation that the relevant duty holders understood their respective roles under CDM 2015and were effectively discharging their respective roles.

The audit identified several areas of good practice, including:

  • Significant work in both the drafting and updating of the document to reflect the activities, hazards, risks and arrangements to manage them safely on site. There are some areas of excellence in the document, such as the maps, diagrams, zoning of areas and blue ink marking of changes which is to be commended.;
  • Evidence of all of the Duty Holders being proactive in walking the site, discussing health and safety with the workforce as well as conducting health and safety audits and recording their findings;
  • A very impressive site induction in terms of content as well as delivery; and
  • A genuine passion within the Health and Safety team and wider project team for the safe management of this site.
  • Areas of improvement were identified and well received by the management team, including the importance of the identification of human factors in identifying some of the root causes of reported incidents on site. 

The dismantling project was completed in 2018 and the refinery was transported to Pakistan for re-assembly.


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