Safety Culture Change Programmes including Mixed Methods Research and Reporting

At Gauged Solutions we believe that to initiate an organisational safety culture change programme we first need to understand the company's DNA.

Gauged Solutions' DNA fact-finding programme aims to identify how an organisation grows, develops, functions and reproduces.  We analyse all of these areas by relating them to the people, leadership, clients, processes, competency frameworks and more within the organisation to fully understand what makes the company "tick" - its strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Our evaluation process is based on mixed methods research which includes site visits, workforce interaction, conducting semi-structured interviews and a bespoke safety culture survey for the workforce to complete.  From this research we produce empirical reports for our clients to understand the DNA that exists within their operations and workforce and then work collaboratively with our clients to design solutions that build on their organisational strengths and develop areas of weakness.


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