Gap Analysis, Design, Development & Auditing of Management Systems, including ISO9001, ISO45001 & ISO14001

Effective management systems enable organisations to ensure that their product or service is consistently delivered to a high standard; they provide confidence to customers that they are working with a professional organisation as well as reassurance to their stakeholders and other 3rd parties.


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has published 22000+ standards and related documentation covering almost every industry to provide such world-class specifications for products, services and systems to ensure quality, safety and efficiency across the global marketplace.


Within the risk management arena we are able to offer our services to provide a gap analysis, design, develop and audit such management standards, including:-

  • ISO9001     - Quality Management System
  • ISO45001   - Health & Safety Management System (which has recently replaced OHSAS18001)
  • ISO14001   - Environmental Management System
  • An Integrated Management System, incorporating the above


The ISOs for risk management follow the principles of Plan, Do, Check, and Act, with ISO45001 (Health & Safety) having organisational Leadership at the very heart of achieving the standard, meaning that an integrated management system can be effectively implemented within organisations. 

Gauged Solutions can help our clients to perform a gap analysis based on these standards and/or prepare clients for accreditation, external audit and verification.


For companies who are not looking for ISO status we can also offer:-

  • A "Back-to-Basics Audit" - suitable for small companies which will be a basic legal compliance review
  • A "State of the Nation" Audit - suitable for larger and more complex organisations, comprising a detailed legal audit and benchmarking against good practice, suitable for presenting to an Executive Team/Board of Directors

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