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In 2017 Gauged Solutions were engaged to conduct a comprehensive and high level compliance audit in respect of CDM Regulations 2015 relating to the construction of Millerhill Recycling and Energy Recovery Plant, near Edinburgh.

The audit was commissioned by FCC Environment, acting as Client under the Regulations, as part of their assurance strategy in conjunction with HZI, Principal Contractor & Principal Designer for the project.

The audit involved:

  • A detailed desktop review of key documentation and procedures including the provision of pre-construction information, Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan (CPP), and Principal Designer Risk Assessments;
  • Interviews with the respective duty holders to assess competencies, application of Safety by Design and adherence to principals of hierarchy of risk control and principles of prevention, arrangements for continually developing CPP, contractor management and ensuring the co-operation and co-ordination of contractors;
  • A site tour including informal discussions with site contractors and workers regarding the safety culture and safety performance of the construction site;

The audit identified several examples of exemplary practices witnessed during the audit, including:

  • A “collaborative” approach where the Client acts as an extra set of eyes on site and which complements and supports the Principal Contractor’s safety team;
  • A willingness of the workforce to engage and talk openly about the importance of maintaining a strong safety culture;
  • Welfare facilities which were beyond reproach and of an excellent standard;
  • Sufficient resource, in terms of space, is always at a premium on construction sites but the management of housekeeping, waste, storage facilities including laydown areas with the roadways and concrete pads put in place at an early stage of construction;
  • Effective design and planning including advance “look-aheads”, management of interfaces and design risk assessment process;
  • Management of high risks by aiming to build modules as much as possible before being lifted into position, by providing permit to work issuer and acceptor training, having a well-managed permit office and procedure, planning works well ahead with the safety team willing to reject unannounced contractors/arrivals of plant and equipment; and
  • A constant desire to improve, perfectly demonstrated by the introduction of a site Temporary Works Manager by the Principal Contractor rather than relying upon a national role.

Areas for improvement, whilst relatively minor, were warmly welcomed and acted upon, demonstrating the willingness of all of the duty holders to accept lessons learned in a positive manner.

The result of the effective safety management and compliance with CDM 2015 laid the foundations for an excellent safety record during the construction phase and into commissioning of the plant in 2018.

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