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Human Factors & Organisational Change

ABLE UK provides specialist services, including the demolition of oil rigs, construction and waste management, to major international companies.

Recognising the diverse nature of their organisation, the inherent risks associated with their activities and a desire to deliver safe and sustainable solutions for their workforce and clients, ABLE UK approached Gauged Solutions to firstly undertake a comprehensive review of their prevailing health and safety culture and secondly design, develop and implement a bespoke leadership and behavioural safety programme throughout the organisation, building on their strengths as well as looking to their future.

Identification of Prevailing Culture

The initial review was undertaken using a mixed methods research approach, with site visits to key establishments and monitoring of operational activities including the demolition of the Shell-owned Brent Delta oil rig, interviews with management and staff, focus groups and a bespoke employee survey, tailored to identify the health and safety cultural norms. 

The comprehensive report enabled the executive team of ABLE UK to better understand the existing individual and collective attitudes, values and behaviours towards health and safety throughout their organisation. Whilst recognising the key strengths of their organisation, the executive team were keen to progress with the behavioural safety programme, designed to reinforce their health and safety vision, values & behaviours and produce effective KPIs and measurement tools that drove continuous improvement at individual, group and corporate levels.


Design, Development & Delivery of a Bespoke Behavioural Safety Programme

Gauged Solutions led a series of workshops with the leadership team, management and staff from different parts of the business to assist in deciding on important aspects including a safety charter, the name of the programme - ABLE CAN, a balanced scorecard for the measurement of performance (to include proactive and behavioural insights), a safety conversation card and the formation of a strategy group with a formal constitution and responsibilities so as to maintain momentum of the programme.


Following the workshops the ABLE CAN programme was launched with a comprehensive and bespoke training programme designed and delivered by Gauged Solutions, focussing on leadership and organisational change at management level and non-technical skills and human factors for the workforce. 


The programme has been embraced by ABLE, their contractors and clients and we look forward to returning in 2021 to undertake a progress review.


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