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From 2010-2016 Gauged Solutions were engaged to support ConocoPhillips in revitalising their corporate Behavioural Based Safety programme.  The name of the programme was entitled Personal Safety Involvement, or PSI for short. The programme had been rolled out on site at their Teesside operations a few years prior to Gauged Solutions being commissioned to work with the site Leadership Team, but they wanted some fresh ideas and concepts to ensure there was some ongoing continuous improvement of the process in place.

We were engaged as a fresh set of eyes to critically evaluate the exiting system and deliver a solution that would facilitate a real measurable change in behaviour.

We spent time on site with the site safety superintendent to evaluate the existing processes and what the PSI programme aimed to achieve. 

We suggested that due to a lack of site presence of a very busy HSE and management team that safety coaches were introduced.

Job roles were created and adverts produced to recruit safety coaches’ from both site staff and external candidates who applied for the positions.

Eight safety coaches were recruited and located in an office in the centre of the site

The head coach was a seconded role, and that was the maintenance engineer who volunteered for the post, and went on to become the site HSE Manager some four years later.

The coaches’ remit was to be supportive, highly visible by walking the site, engaging with site staff in safety relates conversations and listening to issues raised.

All of the coaches undertook a four day safety coaching training course with Gauged Solutions that consisted of both theory and practical sessions.

Gauged Solutions for four years became part of the safety coaching team and attended site between one and two days per week to deliver on site practical coaching support.

In order to get the managers and senior leaders more engaged a programme was developed entitled “100 pairs of eyes”. The objective was during the space of a week 50 of the site managers would attend site with a safety coach and together spend an hour having safety related PSI coaching sessions, and gain confidence in doing so.

After six months the coaches who were form the site returned to their full time jobs using their time spent as a safety coach to continue in offering advice to site staff who may need help, and become an additional source of advice for support.

Four new coaches were rotated every six months with only a few remaining as a constant.

Over time Gauged Solutions redeveloped the PSI training and delivered courses to over 1500 member of the management and operational workforce over a three to four year period.


What did we achieve?

  • The HSE function moved away from being perceived as a policing one to a one of support, coaching and an advice hub.
  • Much improved collaborative working between the HSE / Safety coaching function and all of the other operational site roles.
  • All site members committed to having three PSI conversations per month, meaning at the height of peak labour there were thousands of conversations taking place every month.
  • Improved, safer and more efficient ways of working were introduced due to a questioning attitude being developed on the site.
  • Each PSI conversation was reviewed by the senior site management with awards being issued for outstanding conversations and observations from the workforce.
  • Over the four years, and with more and more people engaging and having the confidence to engage in safety conversations, the safety coaches were reduced to a core of three, as PSI conversations had become habitually the new way of working.
  • From a proactive and reactive perspective, Near miss reporting escalated, as too did hazard recognitions that ultimately lead to the site experiencing  the best safety period in its 40 year history, in terms of serious and minor accidents and incidents.
  • 10 Years on, the site still has PSI at the heart of all that it does, and its safety performance and culture is one where Interdependence is experienced daily.

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