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In May 2018 Gauged Solutions attended the IIRSM Risk Management Conference and Awards and received the Inaugural IIRSM Barry Holt Award for Outstanding Risk Management Practice in recognition of the impact of the behavioural safety programme "Safety in Mind" designed, developed and delivered to Suez Recycling & Recovery UK.

The Safety In Mind programme was instigated to counteract the prevailing trend of major injuries and fatalities within the waste industry and has been both the catalyst and umbrella for significant positive change within the Suez business that has extended from safety management into overall risk management.

Using a process of mixed methods research and analysis, bespoke training programmes were designed for delivery to all levels of management, combining effective leadership strategies with modern empirically-based behavioural change models (including Reinforcement Theory, Theory of Interpersonal Behaviour and the Behavioural Change Wheel).

Safety In Mind also introduced different ways of managing and measuring safely performance, including a requirement by all on the course to undertake safety conversations which are subsequently recorded to track/trend; designed to identify positive actions rather than focus on negatives.

The programme centred around Gauged Solutions’ Model of 6 key pillars to high performing safety cultures, including top management commitment, middle management involvement, safety performance focussed supervisors, active participation of the workforce, positive perception of safety by the workforce and constant review of working practices.

From a purely statistical point of view the benefits of the programme to Suez have been significant:-

•       Zero fatalities since 2012

•       Near Miss and Hazard reporting increased from 1672 (2011) to 13425 (Dec 2017)

•       Within the Energy From Waste division an accident frequency reduction of 57% (from 9.3 to 4) in last 3 years and a severity rate reduction of 74% (from 275 to 71)

•       Within the SUEZ UK business there has been a 63% reduction in RIDDOR reportable incidents since 2012, a 36% reduction in accident frequency rate and a 12% reduction in the severity rate

From a recognition within the waste community perspective Safety In Mind has resulted in:-

•       Waste Industry & Health (WISH) Forum Award in Northern Ireland

•       Environment & Energy Award for H&S Skills Development

•       Commendations by HSE Waste Industry Director to individual supervisors for their commitment (National Lead Inspector Initiative) 

From a customer perspective:-

•       Demonstrable safe culture and risk management focussed

•       Customers seeing how Suez engage by attending the course themselves

•       Providing a competitive advantage

From within the business:-

•      Safety In Mind is “just how we do things around Suez”



Statement and Endorsement - David Palmer-Jones, Chief Executive Officer, SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK

Safety in Mind was the catalyst to our employees becoming more empowered to challenge accepted practices, influence change within their workplace and feel confident in suggesting best practices and raising concerns without fear knowing they will be dealt with which is indicated by the significant increase in near miss and hazard reporting.

Our leaders (safety representative, supervisors and managers) and employees themselves have modified their behaviour positively as a result especially in how we engage with each other, prospering towards a zero harm culture where we expect everyone involved with SUEZ to have Safety in Mind at all times to ensure our employees, contractors and members of the public go home safe every day.

Our relationship with Gauged Solutions started as a consultant/client but then quickly became integral to our Safety in Mind program and business and, with their knowledge, passion and attitude, this relationship felt and transpired into more of a partnership and alliance.

They have been as committed to the program success and continued success as I, and each employee, in the business are. They brought with them a wealth of experience from other industries including those similar to our core activities.

We could not have accomplished what we have so far without the collaboration and efforts of all which is truly inspiring and this will continue for years to come.



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