Electrical Safety Rules - Energy From Waste Plants

Electrical Safety Rules are provided to ensure that persons working on or near to Plant and Apparatus at power stations, including energy from waste facilities, are safeguarded from hazards arising from the electrical and mechanical system, including steam and water pressure systems.

The Safety Rules are, effectively, the control measures to manage the risks to persons working or testing on, or near to, such companies’ electrical and mechanical systems.

Gauged Solutions are experts at creating, auditing and developing safety rules and associated training for companies looking to operate in accordance with UK legislation.

The Safety Rules typically comprise:

  • General Provisions;
  • Basic Safety Rules together with sections dealing with:
  • Procedures for Safety Documents and Keys;
  • Responsibilities of Persons; and
  • Definitions.

The Safety Rules, and Safety Rule Handbook, contain:

  • Specialised Procedures;
  • Procedures supporting the Safety Rules; and
  • Other guidance documents and instructions.

Our philosophy is to ensure that the Safety Rules briefly and clearly specify those actions which must be implemented and identify those practices which should be followed, to establish conditions in which persons, who have to carry out work or testing on the plant and apparatus, will be safeguarded from the inherent dangers and to make them “Safe from the System”.

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