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Glenn and Brian Creating A BIG Buzz Around Electrical Safety Rules

Gauged Solutions Marketing

“I was on our Ince Power Station yesterday and it was lovely to witness the positive buzz around the place as our first BIG employees, Steve and Dan, successfully passed their SAP1 Authorisation Panels. A very wholesome and positive experience for all involved.


Well done for upholding the expected standards and coaching our colleagues through in a very authentic and supportive way.  


As we build a great team of high performing people, I’m extremely reassured to have Gauged Solutions as part of the team. Well done and thank you."

Andy Richardson, Bioenergy Infrastructure Group, Chief Operating Officer


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gauged Solutions have been continuing to work with Bioenergy Infrastructure Group (BIG), a leading renewable energy provider, operating 7 renewable/biomass energy plants across the UK, latterly hosting mock and then final authorisation panel interviews which enable their engineers to become Senior Authorised Persons (SAPs) and effectively manage their electrical safety rules at their respective sites.

Specific safety rules are critical to the safe and efficient operation of power or process plants to manage the high risks which are present and electrical safety rules form a key part of many organisations’ safety management system, designed and implemented to facilitate organisational compliance with legislation and best practice.

Gauged Solutions have a long history of working with organisations in the Energy from Waste (EfW) sector to design, develop and deliver sector-specific electrical safety rules:-

“Our ethos is to work with our client to fully understand their specific challenges, engaging with their front-line staff to develop an appreciation of the safety rules from their perspective” states Brian Cable, one of our electrical specialist consultants.

“We then apply our knowledge and lessons learned from our own operational experience to produce a GAP analysis of their existing processes measured against peer-industry best practice and produce site-specific rules”.

Once designed and agreed by the client, we then deliver workshops to front-line staff focussing not only on the context and content of the safety rules but, importantly, the competence, attitude and approach required by all those responsible for their application.

For those undertaking key roles, such as SAPs, additional coaching sessions and mock interviews precede comprehensive Authorisation Panel Interviews designed to fully examine an engineer’s knowledge and application of both the safety rules and general safety, thereby ensuring that they are competent to manage both LV and HV work on site.

Glenn Ridsdale, commenting on the recent work with BIG:-

“Meeting the timescales for the roll-out of safety rules with BIG, whilst fully adhering to the social distancing requirements, has been a challenge but one which we have fully embraced.

We have managed to successfully deliver our workshops, one-to-one coaching sessions as well as the formal authorisation panels remotely via video conferencing.

Whilst demonstrating our ability to be flexible to meet our clients’ aspirations we have been resolute to ensure that we maintain our own high quality standards as well as the high competency levels expected of the engineers we have authorised.

We are delighted that we continue to work as a key partner for Bioenergy Infrastructure Group."

For further information or advice on electrical safety rules please contact Glenn Ridsdale at or 07425 160071.