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Danke, Auf Wiedersehen und Bald Zurück (Thank You, Goodbye and Back Soon), Mitsubishi Chemicals, Dusseldorf

Gauged Solutions Marketing

Danke, Dziękuję, Merci, Valeu …. Thank You to our hosts Mitsubishi Chemicals in Dusseldorf, Germany for helping to facilitate a fantastic 3-day workshop with key members of their European senior leadership team.


Glenn and Asgeir were delighted to deliver the second of the “Managing Risk Through Effective Leadership & Governance” courses, designed by Gauged Solutions, with key objectives that include:-


Ø  Practice sustainable leadership to motivate a positive attitude towards EHS and witness the positive impact it has both in and out of work, on people, economics and the environment

Ø  Understand fundamental EHS principles and approaches, their importance and how as a leader these can be effectively used to improve business performance

Ø  Allow time for self-reflection on personal leadership styles, enabling an alignment towards exemplar leadership behaviours

Ø  Provide you with a personalized action plan that facilitates individual and collective growth, using knowledge and skills transfer from the training, which can be immediately implemented into the workplace

Ø  Gain an improved understanding of the role of EHS management systems in creating a continuous improvement approach, benchmarking and emphasis on worker involvement, cultural development and leadership


The interaction, networking, ideas, innovations and concepts discussed during the workshop resulted in impressive personal action plans for the delegates to take back to their sites to improve their health and safety culture and help maintain and promote their philosophy of zero harm. 


We look forward to returning later in 2023 for the next course, as part of a strategy to deliver to all of the key leadership within Europe, as part of Mitsubishi's clear commitment to promote the importance of health and safety within their roles and responsibilities.



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