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Achieving a High Performance Safety Culture, GSL Webinar delivered as part of GoFibre's Safety Week.

Gauged Solutions Marketing

We were delighted to have been invited to take part in GoFibre's Safety Week, with Asgeir delivering a 1hr webinar titled "Achieving a High Performance Safety Culture".


The presentation was designed for leaders across GoFibre's business where the following topics were discussed:-

Ø  Health & safety measurement and performance

Ø  What high performing safety cultures have in common

Ø  What is meant by a just and fair culture

Ø  Recent caselaw including impact of the Health & Safety Sentencing Guidelines

Over 80 persons attended the webinar, demonstrating GoFibre's commitment to health and safety, and with safety videos, safety moments and other webinars across their Safety Week we hope that they will all contribute to maintaining their health and safety performance.

For further information in relation to delivery of webinars or contributions to your organisation's Safety Week or our wider services and how GSL may help your organisation or yourself as a risk professional or leader in your business, please contact us at or 07425 160071.