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Embracing Change - Successful Delivery of IOSH Managing Safely Through Microsoft Teams & Zoom

Gauged Solutions Marketing

Like many organisations we at Gauged Solutions have had to adapt to the challenges of lockdown and find alternative ways of delivering our services.

Whilst we might not, for the present, be able to deliver services face-to-face we have embraced the opportunities of utilising technology, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Not only has the design and planning of forthcoming projects increased, through video conferencing with clients so that we are ready to meet their requirements as and when it is safe to travel and attend sites, but our training courses, especially IOSH Managing Safely, have increased in popularity.

Rather than the traditional 4 day block of IOSH Managing Safely courses or the 2day - short break - 2 day approach usually requested by clients we have been delivering courses in daily 2hr sessions, a method which has been very well received:-

"This was my first online course and, although we have had to manage our time to fit in the course, I found it very relaxed and the smaller group meant we got involved more than you could in a classroom environment.

The assessments are good as they allow you time to research and self-learn and there are elements on the course that I will be using on a day to day basis on site".

The courses have been delivered by Asgeir, our Principal Consultant:-

"Credit must go to IOSH in facilitating the adaption of our courses to the use of video conferencing.

Whilst IOSH do have an online version for self-study we consciously decided not to go down that service route, rather wanting to find a way of delivering virtually to our clients; providing the opportunity for the tutor to deliver the course whilst engaging and interacting with the delegates and enabling debate and sharing of experiences.

Not only have delegates who are working from home been able to join the courses - making them still feel very much a part of their organisation and in touch with their colleagues - but also, by scheduling the courses in 2hr daily blocks, it has meant that training is realistically built into a manager's day.

Often the training has started at 0830hrs which means that the delegates are discussing risk management at the very start of their day and taking their learnings direct into their workplace, so important in managing the additional risks and time that COVID-19 is bringing to them and their organisations."

It is often the case that, in times of recession, training is postponed or even cancelled which can have an adverse effect on the health and safety of individuals as well as the culture of an organisation.

We are delighted that our clients, like ourselves, are adapting and embracing opportunities to maintain a safe workplace and are thoroughly enjoying this method of learning - and delivering - this training....... but don't just take our word for it:-

"Absolutely fantastic course. Asgeir has great knowledge and experience. His stories bring so much to the course. I have learned so much on the course as well as how to effectively deliver an online course".

For further information on IOSH Managing Safely courses or, indeed, other courses which can be delivered remotely to your staff please contact Glenn Ridsdale at or 07425 160071.